100 days to go, our Head of Policy writes


WkQugaNu.jpegWith 100 days to go to the General Election, UKIP's Head of Policy and our Deputy Chairman, Suzanne Evans, writes:

"Our precious NHS is cracking at the seams. A&E departments are in crisis. We need at least another 10,000 GPs to cope with demand. Staff morale in the NHS is at rock bottom. Hospitals are getting deeper and deeper into debt. 

"The NHS needs a serious injection of cash to help sort out the mess both Labour and the Tories have got it into. They privatised significant chunks of it and constantly use it as a political football. Labour still refuses to face up to the fact they racked up debts of £300 billion on Private Finance Initiatives, and the Tories will not apologise for their £4 billion top down re-organisation – which breached every promise they made to you, the voter.

"UKIP believes we should leave the European Union and spend £3 billion of the £10 billion we pay out every year in membership fees on the NHS instead.

10945488_798074400240165_3928933474661871995_n.png"But it's not just cash that is needed. By cutting waste the NHS spending deficit could be closed. Health tourism alone costs £2bn a year. By ensuring all people coming to the UK have health insurance as a condition of entry, the costs of any medical care they may need while over here can be recouped. 

"Within the next few weeks, Nigel Farage will be making a major speech explaining exactly what UKIP intends to do to protect the NHS. What you can be sure of is that the money we invest will go straight to the frontline. It will not be wasted on the excess managers, spin-doctors and administrators that previous governments splurged money on. 

"Nigel will also make it crystal clear that UKIP has absolutely no plans to privatise the NHS or charge you to see your GP. Under a UKIP Government, the NHS will remain free at the point of delivery for all UK nationals and for non-Brits who have paid taxes for at least five years. 

"Both Labour and Tories have failed the NHS and brought it to its knees. Only UKIP can invest in the NHS without borrowing or raising your taxes. 

"Lets’ leave the EU, invest in the NHS, and keep it free for us and for future generations.

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