100% privately educated Department for Education "a sad sign of the times"


UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall has slammed the Department of Education's make-up, with every Minister in the Commons and Lords privately educated after the Prime Minister's latest reshuffle.

Paul Nuttall said: "This is a sad sign of the times. The Department for Education, as it continues to rally against social mobility and grammar schools, is now exclusively run by people who didn't experience the state school sector themselves. What kind of message does that send out?

"What we are seeing with Cameron's Conservatives are an extremely privileged group of people lecturing the working class, telling us that we don't need more grammar schools or proper border controls. Well the fact is that we do.

"This is the same party that celebrates the fact they have been led by the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Sir John Major who both came from humble beginnings. But of course what they neglect to mention is that those Prime Ministers got to where they were thanks to having access to a grammar school education to compete with the brightest and best. It is sad that the Tory Party is now so vehemently opposed to a system that did so much to help so many working class kids.

"It is now clear that only UKIP is in touch with the hopes, dreams and aspirations of ordinary folk, as we see a country now utterly dominated by the privately educated in everything ranging from politics to sport. It is time to bring back academic selection and proper vocational training so our poorest get the best possible start to life, and you needn't be privately educated to get to the top."​

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