17.4% increase in EU nationals employed in UK this year

Published May 13, 2015

JaneCollinsdesk.pngUKIP's Employment spokesman, Jane Collins MEP, has raised concerns over the sharp jump in the number of British jobs being taken by EU migrants.

“Today’s figures from the Office of National Statistics show a massive 17.4% increase in the number of EU nationals taking up employment in the UK in the last quarter, including 43,000 British jobs being taken by Romanian and Bulgarian nationals” said Jane Collins MEP

“While UKIP supports limited immigration of skilled professionals from across the globe, this level of mainly unskilled migration from the EU is totally unsustainable in both the short and long term.”

Speaking from Brussels, Jane said, “While I welcome any overall fall in unemployment and the above inflation increase in average wages, I am extremely concerned about the sharp rise in the number of EU migrants taking up employment in the UK, especially those from recent accession countries like Romania and Bulgaria.

“The new Tory government have been very quick to shout about the overall fall in unemployment, but they seem to be keeping very quiet concerning the vast rise in the number of EU migrants taking jobs in the UK.

"The Tories have also seemed reluctant to comment on the extra strains placed on the UK’s pubic services and infrastructure, such as the NHS, education and housing through mass EU economic migration.

“For me, these figures confirm UKIP’s warnings that EU free movement rules are leading to wage compression and heightened demands on the UK’s public services and infrastructure."

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