2014 NEC election results


The votes cast in this year's NEC elections are as follows:


Neil Hamilton 4,573
Marion Mason 2,522
Caroline Jones 2,438
John Bickley 2,268


Robin Hunter-Clarke 1,984 (Runner-up)
Raj Chandran 1,984 (Runner-up)
Harry Aldridge 1,731
Shneur Odze 1,540
Bob Spink 1,486
Derek Bennett 1,389
Richard Elvin 1,309
Mark Hughes 1,224
Colin Nicholson 1,142
George Konstantinidis 1,116
John Wilkinson 1,052
Sebastian Fairweather 1,008
William Compton 922
Andrew Fairfoull 918
Rhys Burriss 824
Otto Inglis 785
Roger Gravett 656
Martyn Ford 640
Mark Davies 522
Andrew Price 500
Gary Cahalane 488
Charles Dodman 470
Granville Barker 442
Alan Love 418
Jonathan Stanley 382

Total number of ballot papers issued: 38,460
Total number of valid ballot papers returned: 9,667

Turnout: 25.1%

Blank ballot papers returned: 2

Disallowed because the voter has voted for more than the permitted number of candidates: 14
Disallowed because the intentions of the voter cannot be deciphered: 7
Disallowed for writing or marks by which the voter could be identified: 10

UKIP General Secretary, Roger Bird, Returning Officer in the 2014 NEC election: " The four new NEC members will take up their position at the next meeting on 3 November and serve for a three-year term.

"I would like to thank the four NEC members retiring by rotation: Harry Aldridge, Sebastian Fairweather, Robin Hunter-Clarke and Andrew Reid, who remains on the NEC in an ex-officion capacity.

"I would also like to thank all the volunteers who assisted with the count."

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