50% of people support Nigel Farage on HIV treatment

Published Apr 05, 2015

CB1ci0SWYAA58o-.pngA YouGov poll for the Sunday Times shows that 50% of people support UKIP Leader Nigel Farage's stance that there should not be free treatment on the NHS for immigrants coming to the UK with HIV.

Mr Farage highlighted the issue in the ITV's Leaders' Debate on Thursday and was roundly criticised by the political establishment but today's poll shows that his stance has the backing of the British people.

A UKIP spokesman said: "This poll finding shows yet again the disconnect that exists between the Westminster bubble and much of the population. Nigel Farage is the one leader who has the political courage to raise difficult issues and clearly millions of voters agree with that stance."

The poll asked: "In the debate Nigel Farage highlighted the issue of immigrants with HIV coming to Britain and receiving treatment on the NHS. Would you support or oppose people coming to live in the UK being banned from receiving treatment on the NHS for a period of five years?"

Half the public, 50%, agreed with Nigel Farage's and UKIP's stance with 34% opposed and 16% unsure.

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