8 percent fall in cost of living the reward for abandoning EU protectionism

Published Nov 30, 2015

In a debate on the state of play of the Doha Development Agenda UKIP's Trade Spokesman William Dartmouth MEP made the argument that the reward for leaving the EU and escaping EU protectionism would be a 8 percent fall in the cost living, as calculated by the Cardiff business school and Professor Patrick Minford.

William Dartmouth said, "EU protectionism hurts and harms consumers in the European Union itself. Consumers here have to pay the hyped and inflated European Union price for food instead of the world price. Professor Patrick Minford and his colleagues at Cardiff Business School have calculated that the cost of this to the UK consumer is 8 % of the cost of living. It follows that on Brexit, the cost of living in the UK would be reduced by 8%."

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