'Amber' Rudd 'Green Lights' Uncontrolled Immigration

Published Oct 23, 2017
Today Amber Rudd confirmed what UKIP have been saying since the EU referendum a year last June, which is that the Tory government have no intention of honouring their 'tens of thousands' net immigration pledge. 
With net immigration running at 250,000 a year (significantly higher under the Tories than Labour) the Home Office, since 2010 run by Theresa May and now Amber Rudd is kowtowing to big business, to keep the borders open after we leave the EU and allow in high levels of low skilled workers to keep down wages and deprive British workers of job opportunities and higher wages.
UKIP's Immigration Spokesman John Bickley said: "Under the Tories net immigration is running much higher than it was under Labour. The Tories have completely failed to bring net immigration down to their promised 'tens of thousands' per year. It is clear they have misled the public and are more interested in keeping wages low for the multi-nationals and their fat cat donors.
Population growth is running at 400% per decade more than it was in the '70's and it is blindingly obvious that this together with uncontrolled immigration is putting enormous pressure on housing and public services, such as GP appointments, hospital beds, access to urgent treatments, school places and social housing. Whilst increased house building is necessary, to cope with the millions of immigrants that have come here since Labour opened the floodgates, only by setting a net zero immigration target over five years can the UK have any chance of improving people's quality of life, especially those at the bottom end of society".
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