Brexit Britain receives another fillip from new trade figures

Published Sep 09, 2016

william_d.jpgToday’s trade figures from the ONS show a narrowing of the trade deficit by £1.1bn including a £0.8bn (1.9%) growth in exports in goods and services, the fact that in a post referendum Britain the economic reality is positive. William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP Trade spokesman said, “Yet more good news from official figures. The UK is open for business and far from falling apart our businessmen and women are taking advantage of the opportunities occasioned by the Brexit vote, rather than falling apart as predicted.

“Even those big corporates that funded the remain campaign are now changing their tune about how they say the UK economy is going. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have dropped their doom and gloom and threats of recession and now predict growth.

“This is not the result of panic action by the Government or the Bank of England as some try to claim, but of the health and resilience of the British economy, and the men and women within it who work so hard to make their enterprises successful in a global, not merely European, economy”.

Dartmouth continued, “Of course one set of figures cannot be entirely relied upon, but the PMI Markit and PwC figures combined with these ONS statistics should certainly give cause for cheer in even the most downbeat remainer heart. We are not out of the woods, and while the Brexit negotiations continue there may well be more instability to come, but at least for now we can look forward with increased confidence”.

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