Dangerous precedent of interference in UK democratic process set by European court ruling says UKIP's Home Affairs and Justice Spokesman Diane James MEP

Published Oct 06, 2015

diane.jpg"This ruling is a toe in the door for the ECJ to have say over domestic elections, and is setting a dangerous precedent European level interference into the democratic process. What we have seen with this ruling is it removes blanket bans on all crimes so therefore opens up the legislation to 'wriggle room'. This is due to the partial ban statues of this legislation. Prisoners’ rights should be something that lies solely with nation states.

"Vote eligibility proportionate to offences committed leaves “wriggle room” as it is all subject to the ECJ ruling on what offences deserve or do not deserve the vote. The lack of coherence and blanket ban will open up the British Legal system to challenges from Lawyers and Prisoners. This will cost the UK taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds as they will have to ultimately foot the bill for legal aid.

"UKIP and I are calling for NO prisoners to have a vote, not just a partial Ban! Criminals lose that right when they are incarcerated.
The ECJ ruling comes down to the fact we should NOT be answerable to a Foreign Court.

"Britain's Supreme Court says the European courts should not have any jurisdiction over prisoners voting rights. However the Supreme Court is subservient to the ECJ so this in its self will cause a bonanza for lawyers."

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