Farage: Barroso's speech is another major slap in the face for David Cameron's so-called "reform" agenda


Prime Minister David Cameron's so-called "reform" agenda has once again been discredited, with the President of the European Commission vowing that the EU's "ever closer union" will continue.

In a speech today, Jose Manuel Barroso vowed that the EU will remain committed to "closer union" and that Britain's "special case" will not lead to treaty change in the near future.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "Cameron's renegotiation is clearly futile. This is another major slap in the face for David Cameron. 

"While 'Call me Dave' is just asking for a few minor repatriations of power, Barroso yells at him in public, that the EU will continue on regardless, becoming a deeper political union. it is clear that Cameron will get no truffles from the Brussels table to bring back to the British people."​

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