Home Office not fit for purpose

Published Oct 11, 2017

David Wood, who until 2015 was head of Immigration Enforcement yesterday admitted that at least a million illegal immigrants are at large in the UK. That is a city with the population size of Birmingham. Wood admitted that there are 'enormous difficulties' removing overseas nationals but failed to explain what they are. Think-tank Civitas has suggested that illegal immigration is likely to be running at 150,000 year. That's on top of the near 250,000 net immigration of 2016.

John Bickley, UKIP's Immigration spokesman said, "It's shocking to hear from an ex director general of Immigration Enforcement the extent to which our borders are being breached and the chronic failure of the Home Office to round up illegal immigrants and quickly send them back to their home country.

"The Home Office are totally failing to control our borders. We know they can't even control non EU immigration, which they are supposed to have total control of, and now we have an ex senior officer admitting illegal immigration is out of control.

"So much for the Tories shallow and bankrupt claim that they will bring immigration down to the 'tens of thousands'.

"Labour and Tory governments' failure to control immigration is putting enormous pressures on public services. All one million plus illegal immigrants are likely to have access to the NHS and the education system, severely compromising the quality and availability of public services for UK citizens.

"Despite a backlog of 27,000 failed asylum seekers only 3,500 were deported in 2016 - massive fail!

"Today, I'm calling for the government to deliver by the end of the year a detailed headline plan of how they will control our borders and immigration after we leave the EU in March 2019. That plan should detail the increases in staff and equipment, such as maritime patrol craft as well as the systems upgrades that the UK will need so that it can have total control of its borders and immigration. Anything less would be a dereliction of duty and a betrayal of the EU Referendum vote to leave the EU and take back control".

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