Instead of sticking it to the NHS, Tories should steal even more UKIP policies to make Britain better

Published Jun 22, 2015

StevenWoolfe.jpegThousands of nurses will be deported under new immigration rules announced by the Government today which will trigger critical shortages of staff across the NHS, nursing leaders have said. Almost 7,000 overseas nurses are likely to face being sent home by 2020, under the Government’s migration cap, research suggests. UKIP's Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP commented:

“After years of neglecting immigration as an issue and tinkering around with the structure of the NHS, the Government's actions today show how disconnected they are from reality. First there is little point in kicking out nurses here on legal work visas unless British trained nurses can fill the vacancies. That's why, at the last general election, UKIP's costed manifesto education policy encouraged British students to train as nurses by offering free tuition if graduates worked in the UK for 5 years after completing their nursing courses. When will the Prime Minister understand that effective public policy demands joined-up thinking!

"Instead of controlling unskilled immigration from the EU, the Government has decided to try to get though on immigration by getting rid of much needed skilled migrants which the NHS currently uses and depends on because of its failed education policies. The Prime Minster is going after the wrong people in this flawed plan.  Under UKIP’s points based system we wouldn’t deport any legal migrants currently living and working here, nor would we attack skilled migrants from outside the EU in favour of allowing unskilled migrants to enter the UK from all over the EU. It's time for the Tories to steal even more of UKIP's polices in order to make Britain a better place to live.” 

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