Lords migration report joins Juncker's Commission in confusion over faulty 'refugee' re-classification

Published Nov 03, 2015

Steven_Woolfe.jpegThe House of Lord's report on 'EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling' says the great EU migration should be re-branded a 'refugee crisis' because most of the people crossing the Mediterranean are refugees. The report also suggests that migrants illegally entering Europe should effectively be decriminalised, that 'legal routes' should be opened up in eastern Europe to allow refugees in and that the UK should be part of a European relocation plan. UKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe responds:

"For the UK to reclassify all migrants as ‘refugees’ would be as big a mistake as Mrs Merkel's summer declaration that Germany is open to all refugees. The cost in one year alone in giving all migrant arrivals asylum status would bankrupt Britain. In fact, this is one reason why the UK government is legally obliged to deport any non-EU economic migrant who enters this country illegally.

"This Lord’s report joins Juncker’s EU Commission in its confusion over what constitutes a ‘refugee’ when really there shouldn’t be. If a person either enters the EU from a country where their life is not threatened or leaves their home country where this is also the case, then they are an ‘economic migrant’ not a ‘refugee’. Most migrants coming from Turkey are not refugees since that Muslim country is not threatening their lives nor forcing them to cross by boats to the Greek Islands. It is a 'safe country'. Many African migrants coming across the Mediterranean are also economic migrants and not fleeing specific persecution.

"Significant, targeted help should be given by the international community to countries such as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon where camps for genuine refugees have been created, instead of policies that entice more and more people to risk their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean this winter."

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