Louise Bours MEP responds to David Cameron's GP pledge

Published May 18, 2015

Louise_Bours.jpgUKIP Health Spokesman, Louise Bours MEP responds to David Cameron's GP pledge: "The Tories want people to forget they have been in power for five years already and almost decimated the NHS in that time.

"Cameron can offer as many extra GPs as he likes for services at weekends, but without a plan like UKIP has for recruiting the extra GPs, the promise is meaningless.

"Without a better plan for the recruitment and retention of clinical staff all that will happen is that existing doctors and nurses will be put under even more pressure than already are, to chase even more targets and tick boxes.

"UKIP has a range of proposals for the recruitment of nurses and doctors, and the government should adopt them if their promises are not as empty as people suspect."

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