The Budget was a bit of a disappointment from a Welsh perspective.

Published Nov 22, 2017

Philip Hammond confirms the enactment of UKIP policy in budget but overall his budget was a bit of a disappointment from a Welsh perspective.

Neil Hamilton AM, the UKIP leader in Wales stated "For starters, the Chancellor of the Exchequer failed to mention the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon. UKIP has welcomed this opportunity for Wales to become a world leader in harnessing the vast potential of tidal energy, but it doesn’t appear to be a priority for Philip Hammond.
"It is good to hear that negotiations will begin for growth deals for North Wales and Mid-Wales. Mid-Wales in particular tends to be forgotten, with the bulk of the population of Wales in South Wales and the North Wales corridor. A deal for the region could prove vital for driving investment and tackling rural poverty. The announcement is however lacking all details, and the devil is always in the detail. 
"UKIP Wales welcomes the confirmation of the abolition of the Severn Bridge tolls by the end of next year. This was a UKIP policy that we campaigned for back in 2015. The tolls hurt the Welsh economy and, according to the Wales Office, the lifting of the tolls will boost the South Wales economy by £100m a year. It’s great to see a UKIP policy enacted which will grow the Welsh economy."
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