The UK is not married to the EU, and therefore there is no ‘divorce bill’

Published Oct 20, 2017

Following the conclusions of this week's Council meeting in Brussels, Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP Brexit spokesman said,

“Fifteen months after the Referendum two things are glaringly obvious: Mrs May is completely unable or unwilling to take control of the situation, and the EU is determined to hold Britain to ransom.

“How many times does it need to be said? The UK is not married to the EU, and therefore there is no ‘divorce bill’. Even so, when couples divorce there is usually a dividing of assets, not a one-sided bill.

“Mrs May should end this fiasco by telling the EU not only are we leaving but that we don’t owe them a penny. They owe us a lot, given that we have always been one of the top net contributors to the budget, and we own a big share of the EU’s assets. But never mind, working out how much we are owed is not worth the time and effort and we are moving out and they can keep the assets.

“Mrs May and the UK Government is actually in a very strong position to tell the EU how our exit is going to work but she persists in grovelling to the EU from a supine position of self-imposed weakness.

“This is now beyond a joke and unless someone takes control then fiasco and farce will descend into tragedy. And the tragedy will be that we either don’t leave at all or end up with a ‘deal’ that amounts to continued membership of the EU in all but name.

"Mrs May should hand over full control the job of achieving our quick and unencumbered exit from the EU to someone who actually wants to make it happen".

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