"Those People Will Do Everything They Can To Frustrate It" - William Dartmouth MEP on Brexit Negotiations & Westminster Politicians

Published Mar 17, 2018

William Dartmouth MEP condemned the constant Brexit delays by Remain politicians, in both the House of Commons, and House of Lords, when interviewed on The Westcountry Debate, ITV's South West region politics programme last night [15th March 2018].

When asked how he thought Brexit negotiations were going, the UKIP MEP highlighted the fact that most elected representatives at Westminster were for staying in the EU during the 2016 Referendum, and are now dragging out the process of exiting the political union.

William said: "There are a majority in the House of Commons against Brexit; there is a 90% majority in the House of Lords, of which I was briefly a member, against Brexit. And I think both of those people will do everything they can to frustrate it, and frustrate the views of the people."

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