Time we took back control of our borders and who comes into our country


SteveWoolfe.jpgThe number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in the UK has risen by 15% year-on-year, official figures have revealed.​

UKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP said: “I am sure that the residents of the UK will be as alarmed by these ridiculously high numbers of people coming into Britain, as I am. UKIP warned that opening the door to Romania and Bulgaria on January 1st would lead to more economic refugees into the country. The politically correct establishment condemned us at the time – but we were right.

"Until our political elites state categorically that EU membership is a major cause of the UK's wage lowering, uncontrolled, mass migration and broken, unsecured borders they will continue to fail the British people. And our national public infrastructure, services and finances will continue to take the strain of hundreds of thousands of new EU residents in Britain each year.

"When it comes to immigration, voting Conservative or Labour equals the same outcome. Open borders and hundreds of thousands of EU citizens coming and going into Britain as they please. The pressure on schools, hospitals and roads is increasing. It is time we took back control of our borders and who comes into our country – but this can only happen by voting UKIP.”​

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