UK aid budget funneled through EU jumps to £177m

Published Nov 17, 2017

Margot Parker has reacted to news which showed the UK’s aid budget funneled through the EU soared by £177million, or 13 per cent, in a year.

Mrs Parker, UKIP's deputy leader and the party's spokesperson on aid and international development, said part of the UK's bloated aid budget, which topped £13bn last year was being spent on ridiculous schemes and projects.

She said: "Increasing amounts of our aid budget is funneled through the EU, meaning we have little or no say on where it is being spent.

"While we are a member of the EU, we are powerless to control it. The quicker we get out, the better."

On top of that, we see large chunks our our money spent on ridiculous schemes. These have included help for coconut farmers in the Caribbean, promoting African dancing and funding juggling lessons in Tanzania."

She aid the whole system needed a huge overhaul, especially as cash was also being sent to China and India.

She said: "This Government has to get a grip on how our cash is spent. It is particularly crucial when we see the problems facing the NHS and social care provision in our own country.

"Imagine how those services would benefit from some of this money, which quite frankly, is being squandered on many schemes abroad.

"The people of this country need answers – they must be particularly confused at us sending money to countries such as China and India, for instance."

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