​UK Manufacturing Output at highest for 10 years

Published Jan 10, 2018

UK Manufacturing has responded to the Post Brexit doom mongerers by reaching a new 10 year high bolstered by Export of Cars,Renewables, Boats, Aerospace and across the board according to official figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

UKIP SME Spokesman, Ernie Warrender said “This is great news for the country at large, and yet again nails the lie that UK plc is being damaged by Brexit. However to capitalise on the good news and to ensure prosperous and pro-active ongoing success for manufacturing more Governmental support and investment is needed if we are to maintain these growth in the all important emerging industries.

"It is vital that we provide greater access to more high quality Apprenticeships, Fairer access to Government contracts for British SME’s.

"Construction fell by 2% due in part to a planning system clogged and in need of total overhaul”


The ONS Report

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