“Why Are We Waiting?” 12 Day and Waiting for a Government Response to CFP Petition

Published Nov 20, 2017

UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has questioned why it is taking so long for Government to respond to petition to remove the CFP from the ‘Great Repeal Bill” saying; “It would seem the Government don’t have a response for hard-working fishermen who deserve answers on their future.”

Mr Hookem’s comments came following a 12 day wait for a Government response to the petition he launched to keep the Common Fisheries Policy out of British law and to make the fishing industry a stand-alone entity.

The petition reached the 10,000-signature Government response requirement within three days of being launched, however, nearly two weeks later, no response has been forthcoming; despite over 35,000 signatures having now been collected.

Speaking of the wait for answers, Mr Hookem said, “It would seem the Government are in no rush to give fishing communities the answers they deserve on the future of their industry.”

“Anger over the Government’s decision to include the “technical measures” of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in British law using the Great Repeal Bill is palpable, and the wait for answers is building further resentment.

“Yet, it would seem that while the Government were quick enough to dance to the tune of their European masters in re-adopting the CFP, they are less than forthcoming in responding to those who will be directly affected.

“Essentially, the Government are playing with people’s lives and futures here. Besides their glib assurances regarding ‘continuity’ on “the day we leave the EU”, they have given no hint of what the future holds for a fishing industry desperate to know where they will stand post-Brexit.

“Given the chance, the British fishing industry could flourish once the Government confirms that the UK will reclaim its 200-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ), and return the 70% of quota fished by EU vessels in British waters.

“However, retaining the CFP does not bear thinking about, with many in the fishing industry predicting that their businesses will not survive.

“However, it does not bode well if I as an MEP cannot get answers even with the support of over 35,000 people.

“While the Government and the other traditional parties seem determined to abandon the fishing industry once again, both UKIP and I will continue to fight to return our fishing grounds and get a fair deal for coastal communities.”

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