A&E waiting soars as the Government twiddles its thumbs

Published Dec 08, 2016

WkQugaNu.jpegShocking figures released today show both a huge increase in pressure on Accident and Emergency services, and a massive disconnect between health and social care in England.

A&E trolley waits are up 54% on last October, following a 6% increase in overall attendances. Meanwhile delayed transfers of care – where patients cannot leave hospital because care packages are not available to them - have seen a 50% year on year increase.

Suzanne Evans, UKIP Health spokesman said: “The NHS is creaking under the triple whammy of a rapidly growing and aging population; severe cuts to social care budgets; and attrition of staff from A&E to overseas posts which are seen as being far less stressful. The Government should be looking to fully integrate health and social care to help prevent delayed transfers of care, as UKIP has advised, and seek to improve working conditions for emergency consultants. It is simply unacceptable that up to one third of A&E doctors are leaving to work overseas, when we desperately need their expertise here.

 “It also strikes me as madness that at a time when emergency medicine is facing greater demand than ever, there are numerous proposals in train to close A&E units all over the country. The consequences of this are potentially devastating for patients. These proposals need an urgent re-think.”

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