A Queen's speech of a Government at Sea

Published May 18, 2016

PaulNuttall1.jpgPaul Nuttall MEP, the UKIP Deputy Leader poured cold water on today's Queen Speech as "a mixed bag and light on major announcements, clearly the Government's highest priority is pushing for a Remain vote in the impending EU Referendum".

He said: "It was revealing to examine what didn't made it into the list of Bills announced today, such as the previously much talked about but now dropped Sovereignty Bill.

"It being dropped from the Government's legislative agenda just goes to show really how much of a con job Cameron's "re-negotiation" has been.

"There was a big fist of Tory MPs convinced to support Cameron's decision to support the 'Remain' side by promises of a Sovereignty Bill, and they must now feel utterly betrayed by the man they're whipped into cheerleading.

"With the NHS Overseas Visitors Charging Bill there is belated recognition that UKIP have been right to highlight the costs of health tourism with the new measures that have been announced.

"However, we believe that the only screening GPs and their fellow health professionals should be doing is for health diagnoses, not eligibility to free care.

"The only way to ensure everyone gets the treatment they are entitled to is to introduce compulsory health insurance for anyone visiting Britain.

"If someone needs emergency treatment, clearly they will get it, but this is more about people with conditions that require on-going or long term treatment.

"This would save the NHS the £2billion it loses to health tourism each year, and could be spent on improving the NHS for everyone."

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