Academic Freedom is under assault

Published Oct 26, 2017

The defensive reaction to Tory Whip, Chris Heaton-Harris MP’s request for information about European Studies courses, syllabuses and Brexit lectures at University is indicative of the snowflake culture in Universities.

David Kurten AM, UKIP's Education spokesman said, "It seems that not just students but now professors and vice-chancellors and many senior journalists are being triggered into displaying symptoms of paranoia if someone makes a simple non-binding request, albeit cack-handedly.

"If they did not wish to comply, all that University vice-chancellors needed to say was ‘no’. They are probably also intelligent enough to realise that nearly three quarters of Parliamentarians are Remainers, in stark contrast to the British people at large, so a polite request for information from an MP is hardly likely to be threatening.

"There is, of course, grave concern about left-wing, globalist and pro-EU bias in Universities. A recent study showed that 9 out of 10 University lecturers backed remaining in the EU in the referendum. (1) Institutions which are supposed to be bastions of free speech should welcome any research which may help to reduce bias and increase freedom of thought and expression."

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