Accident and Emergency in Crisis: two routes to a cure

Published Apr 07, 2015

48sheetukip-new2_(1).pngNews today that Accident and Emergency care in England is at its worst for a decade proves that the Tories are failing our hospitals and the people who work there and use them. Only UKIP have the capacity and vision to bring the crisis under control, by addressing the financial burden and reducing the pressure of work.

Louise Bours MEP, the UKIP Health Spokesman said, “At this point of a parliamentary term when they are begging for votes they would hope the figures are better than ever, but they aren’t, they are worse than ever.

"No wonder they don’t want to talk about the NHS this election. It’s a bit rich of Labour to be pointing out the weaknesses of the coalition run NHS, when they run the NHS in Wales, and that is even worse.

"Only UKIP is offering the NHS the money it says it needs to provide the level of service British taxpayers deserve, by investing an extra £3billion a year in the NHS. And it is only UKIP that can provide answers to the problem of A&E pressure. It is no accident that pressure goes on A&E and other medical services with the huge growth in the population in England.

"By cutting immigration whilst welcoming high skilled Health workers under the points based immigration system, and by cracking down on health tourism by demanding that all migrants hold medical insurance we will ensure that pressure on these vital services is relieved.

"UKIP believe that the NHS should be free at the point of delivery."

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