Action not Political correctness needed as new Welsh FGM figures revealed

Published Apr 22, 2017


Political correctness or plain incompetence to deal with the problem is leading to a shocking number of girls suffering genital mutilation in Wales, says one of the country’s assembly members. The charge comes as new figures show a new case of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is discovered by maternity staff in Wales every week. The figures have been branded ‘the tip of the iceberg’ by the charity Welsh Women’s Aid, who estimate that 2,000 women in Wales are living with FGM and many more are at risk of suffer the abuse. Although the practice of carrying out FGM has been illegal since 1985, to date there has not been a single prosecution for carrying out the procedure in Wales.

Michelle Brown, UKIP’s Assembly member for North Wales, has previously spoken in the Senedd out about the need for a better strategy for eradicating FGM, she said: “Since my election a year ago, I have raised concerns about the lack of action against this disgusting crime on numerous occasions.

“The Labour government makes the right noises about being concerned, but whether out of political correctness or just plain incompetence, they have roundly failed to confront the problem, and therefore failed those vulnerable girls in Wales.

“Establishment politicians seem to shy away from acting tough on this practice, and putting in place health and education policies that will spot the warning signs of those at risk and trigger preventative action.

“For years it has been all words but no action.”

Of the seven health boards covering Wales, only one (Powys Teaching Health Board) recorded no cases.

Michelle Brown added: “Continued political correctness over this cultural practice is an outrage, and shows Labour have learned nothing from scandals such as Rotherham.

“Those charged with protecting our most vulnerable people need to stop worrying about causing cultural offence, stop the endless talking, and actually do something that stops this inhumane abuse.”

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