Advertising virtue by squandering taxpayers cash is unacceptable

Published Mar 13, 2017

Lisa_Duffy.jpgUKIP's Foreign Aid Spokesman Cllr Lisa Duffy said, " I am very pleased that organisations and politicians are coming around to UKIP’s long standing policy of cutting the waste that is inherent in the Foreign Aid budget.

"For more than a decade UKIP have demanded tough action on cutting this waste and yet the Conservative Prime Minister continues on the erroneous path of tying foreign aid to 0.7% of GDP which currently equates to £12.2 billion per year. Advertising her virtue by squandering taxpayers cash is unacceptable.

"It is appalling to learn that £100's of millions of are being wasted on overseas climate change projects. We need to work on projects that make them become self-sufficient and enable them to have free trade not waste money on projects to make up a quotation that just don’t work.

"Though its gratifying that politicians and pressure groups are now parroting what we have been saying for a decade, but words mean nothing; I demand that this Government adopts the more sensible approach as advocated by UKIP to ensure that the £3 billion needed for essential foreign aid i.e. emergency aid, inoculation programmes is maintained and the £9 billion currently squandered is instead spent to support services in the UK including health care, education and adult social care."

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