Aerospace investment welcomed by UKIP as "dire warnings" issued during Brexit campaign vanish

Published Jul 11, 2016

jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins has welcomed the news of £365million investment in the British Aerospace industry saying "the partnership between Boeing and the UK shows that this country will thrive outside of the EU and not crumble, as predicted by the Remain lobby during the campaign."
Part of UKIP's defence policy in 2015 included bringing in the P-8A as a replacement for Nimrod which was scrapped in the 2010 SDSR, leaving the country with no maritime patrol aircraft.
Mrs Collins said she was "delighted" that £100m was going to be put into a P-8A support and training base, saying "this secures RAF Lossiemouth for the foreseeable future, as well as creating more than 100 new jobs."
"Despite dire predictions from the likes of George Osborne, who spent the first half of this year running down British industry and attacking British workers, this shows that the UK can take the lead in the development of new aerospace technology, especially when we can throw off the shackles of the EU's defence procurement rules.

"Not only will we be an attractive investment opportunity for inward investment into the UK but we can also put our own Research and Development projects first, our own companies first and our own heavy industry, such as steel, first.
"What I would like to see following this news is the development of the engine for the P-8A being awarded to Rolls-Royce to create more jobs and more intellectual property in the UK, particularly with the development in ‘open rotor’ engine technology, which could reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%.

"Outside of a backward looking European customs union this country and its workers can be world leaders," she added.
"What we need now is a Prime Minister and a government who believes in those workers, not one who openly denigrated this country's workers to win a political argument."

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