Aker gives Brexit lead

Published Dec 12, 2017

“The UK position is clear, straight-forward common sense. The only thing that astonishes me is that May’s government cannot put that across”, opines UKIP’s Tim Aker MEP.

Mr Aker has tabled a motion in the European Parliament on behalf of his Group, EFDD.

The motion scheduled for debate on Wednesday 13 December, states... “contrary to what is often stated, the position of the UK government is in concept both clear and straight-forward, namely that the UK wants:

- freedom of movement of capital, goods and services (which is what ‘free trade’ really means),

- freedom from the Court of Justice of the European Union,

- freedom to enter into trade agreements with third countries,

- freedom to control its borders (including its territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone),

- no free movement of people given that this involves: i) access to public services, benefit and employment rights (because of the massive problems arising from granting such access to hundreds of millions of people from countries with very different living standards), and ii) the imposition of refugees and asylum-seekers on member states whose people do not want them;”

Mr Aker is astonished that no one from David Davis downwards has set this out before.

“Any case is only as good as the brains of those who present it”, says Mr Aker.

“I believe my country’s position is totally coherent and as the motion suggests can and should produce an outcome which is a win:win for all concerned. So why have May and Davis so dismally failed to put that across?”

The motion notes the European Union’s commitment to ‘ever closer union’ and that this ends national sovereignty, believes the UK’s departure can and should be benefit all parties by removing millions of people who do not share the Union’s most important objective, whilst noting that EU ‘austerity policies’ have lasted many years and are failing the very people they are supposed to help.

Against that background, the desire to leave is totally rational and our position is the right one to deliver to the 17million people who voted to leave.

The Resolution can be read here


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