Alfie Evans “must be released to his parents for flight to Italian hospital”, says Alan Craig

Published Apr 25, 2018

UKIP rooting for Tom Evans and Kate James in their courageous fight against “cruel ass” legal and medical authorities.

As Tom Evans and Kate James return to court again this afternoon, UKIP has condemned the legal and medical authorities who have, so far, frustrated their attempt to have baby Alfie flown by medical ambulance to an Italian hospital.

“Little Alfie has shown that the blundering authorities have got it wrong – he is still fighting for his life 36 hours after life support was turned off by Alder Hay hospital on instruction of the court,” said Alan Craig, UKIP spokesperson for Families & Children. 

“This afternoon the Court of Appeal must demonstrate some humanity and show that the law is not an ass and a cruel one at that,” Alan Craig continued.

“The Court must release Alfie into the loving arms of his courageous parents Tom Evans and Kate James, for the flight to Italy.

“The whole country is rooting for Alfie - and for Tom and Kate to have their baby boy back where he now should be, with his mum and dad,” said Alan Craig.

“UKIP is rooting for them too. 

"Furthermore, the UK itself is on trial as people around the world are now watching the case closely.

“The Court of Appeal must decide quickly and clearly in their favour.”

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