Amber Rudd's facile analysis fails to grasp energy economics

Published Mar 24, 2016

Roger_Helmer.jpgUKIP Energy Spokesman and MEP for the East Midlands Roger Helmer responding to the latest claims made by Amber Rudd suggesting that the lights would go out said, "Amber Rudd's facile analysis fails to grasp energy economics.

"Far from producing cheap electricity, the EU has done the opposite with some of the highest costs worldwide, relying on expensive renewables. Free from the EU's energy rules and regulations we can offer lower cost coal and gas and reduce the reliance on these expensive renewables.

"As the EU's former commissioner for industry, Antonio Tajani said, EU energy prices are creating an industrial massacre in industries, such as aluminium and steel.

"Amber Rudd's 'Alice In Wonderland' policies seems to indicate expensive means cheap and cheap means expensive!"

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