And Mark makes two! Reckless rocks Rochester and Strood to become UKIP's second MP


Mark Reckless made British political history in the early hours of this morning by becoming the second MP elected to Westminster under a UKIP banner.

Accepting victory at just after 4am, Mark thanked the people of Rochester & Strood for showing their support for his decision to leave the Conservative Party for UKIP.

Referencing research that put his electorate at 271 in a list of likely UKIP seats, Mark said: "If we can win here, we can win across the country. If you vote UKIP, you get UKIP. 

"Imagine what it would be like to have a block of UKIP MPs at Westminster large enough to hold the balance of power.

"If you believe in an independent Britain, come with us and we will give you back your country."

The results of the by-election were:  

Party Candidate Votes % +/-
UKIP Mark Reckless  16,867  42.10  +42.10
Conservative Kelly Tolhurst  13,947  34.81  -14.39
Labour Naushabah Khan  6,713  16.76  -11.70
Lib Dem Geoff Juby  349  0.87  -15.39
Green Party Clive Gregory  1692  4.22  +2.69
Britain First Jayda Fransen  56  0.14  -
Independent Mike Barker  54  0.13
Independent Christopher Challis  22  0.05  -
Independent Stephen Goldsborough 69   0.17  -
Independent Charlotte Rose  43  0.11
Patriotic Socialist Party Dave Osborn  33  0.08  -
People Before Profit Nick Long  69  0.17
Official Monster Raving Loony Party Hairy Knorm Davidson  151  0.38
   Turnout  40,113  50.67  
 Conservative to UKIP swing 28%  UKIP Majority  2,920    
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