Andrew Charalambous appointed Work and Pensions Spokesman

Published Dec 02, 2016

AndrewChamRole.jpgAndrew Charalambous said, “I am honoured and privileged to serve as Work and Pensions Spokesman. Under Paul the best is yet to come for UKIP and for Great Britain.

“Work and Pensions is the single biggest sector of government spending, and we will give the British taxpayer exceptional value for money. Today our elderly are paying the price for the political failures of successive Tory and Labour governments. Under UKIP nobody will be forgotten, nobody left behind. We will give British pensioners the respect they deserve by increasing pensions to reflect current standards of living, taking tens of thousands out of poverty. It is disgraceful that British pensions are 'worse than in most of Europe'.

“On the other side of the coin, millions of people currently in their twenties are facing the prospect of working till they are 70 before receiving state pension.

“I went to school in London's Broadwater Farm at the time of the Tottenham riots. I know what high unemployment and lack of opportunity can do to our youth, and to our communities. Nobody is more passionate than me about creating jobs in our inner cities and in countless urban centres neglected by a Tory government which has caused an unprecedented gulf between rich and poor.”

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, “By promoting Andrew Charalambos to the role of Work and Pensions I am happy to bring forward someone with the keen intelligence and application that the role requires.

“His track record in his previous brief, Housing shows how he can not only get under the skin of the brief, but he can also take expert opinion in the field with him. Time and again his policies have been co-opted by other parties, we expect no less going forward".

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