Andrew Charalambous: “Vote purple, keep Britain green”


Andrew-Charalambous-1.jpgToday there are over 20,000 ex-British soldiers who have risked their lives fighting for Queen and country who are now sleeping rough homeless on our streets. And I pledge to you here and now that UKIP would provide shelter and housing for every single one of them. That is social justice. We do not aspire to be politically correct.

So much so that more than 6,000 new homes are planned each month for the countryside. More than a million homes are presently in the planning process to be located on green belt and green spaces. And that's only the beginning. And all these new properties will need roads, infrastructure and services further blighting our landscapes.

It is estimated that we need at least 200,000 new homes a year. 43% of which are accounted for by immigration according to Nick Boles, the government minister for planning. You cannot have an open door immigration policy which leads to over 4 million people settling in the UK in the last decade without first planning for the fact that these extra people will need to use schools, hospitals, roads and to have adequate housing.

We would start by incentivising back into the market the 700,000 homes shamefully lying empty in our country when 700,000 fellow Brits are homeless and sleeping rough.

We also say it is right to relax planning regulations in strategic zones to make it easier to convert disused office and commercial spaces into homes.

The CPRE estimate that 1.5 million homes can be developed on brownfield land, Civitas believe it to be as much as 2.5 million homes. The centrepiece of UKIP's housing policy would be to therefore instigate the most far reaching brownfield land revolution ever known.

We would establish the UK Brownfield Agency to compile and collate data for a National Brownfield Register, provide decontamination assessment grants, and low interest loans for decontamination and land remediation

We would issue Brownfield Bonds with the aim of raising £5bn to fuel our brownfield revitalisation programme. Paving the way for more affordable housing, more home ownership by investing in our country’s most derelict and underused land, and not by turning landscapes into concrete jungles

We would eliminate stamp duty from all properties developed on Brownfield and remove VAT from all Brownfield conversion costs.

Through grassroots planning referendums we will give people and communities the power to shape the towns and cities they live in rather than bureaucrats and big business.

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