Anger at Government’s decision to press ahead with HS2

Published Oct 12, 2016

P1000955-300x225.jpgUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour has expressed her disappointment at the Government’s decision to press ahead with the HS2 rail link – despite growing protests over the spiralling cost of the project. Mrs Seymour, who has been a vocal opponent of the scheme since it was first announced, dismissed claims by transport secretary Chris Grayling that the line was needed ‘more than ever’.

She said: “HS2 has never been needed. It is just a vanity project with an ever-growing budget, which is edging closer to the £100 billion mark. It will never pay its way, and will always be a burden on the taxpayer.

“Today’s news is a huge disappointment. I had hoped that Prime Minister Theresa May was going to see sense, and either scrap HS2 altogether, or at the very least seek a cheaper alternative. But it is clear that the Government remains hell-bent on throwing billions of pounds at HS2, when it would be much wiser to concentrate on improving our ageing nationwide infrastructure.

“The HS2 line will tear up large parts of our countryside, and wreck the lives of people in many rural communities.

“It will benefit only a small minority of travellers, yet all British taxpayers will have to foot the bill.”

Mrs Seymour added: “I have yet to see a convincing economic case made for HS2, and the reason for this is that it simply doesn’t exist. Even before a track has been laid, this white elephant has cost nearly £1.5 billion.

“It is money that the UK hasn’t got and doesn’t need to be spending, particularly when so many other areas of our country’s infrastructure are crying out for overdue investment.”

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