Anonymous GDP projections are Voodoo economics from those who gave us Project Fear

Published Feb 08, 2018

With another piece of so called impact study dressed up as Project Fear propaganda, those who would thwart the will of the UK electorate are upping their game.

UKIP MEP for the East Midlands, Margot Parker said, This is Voodoo economics from the people who have us Project Fear.

This anonymous set of economic projections could have been done by Nick Clegg's butler for all we know.

And given we can't project what the price of oil is going to be in 6 months, it's ridiculous to think we can forecast the British economic situation in 15 years time. 

The reality is that Brexit vote Britain is booming. The reality is we currently have record Foreign Direct Investment, unemployment falling to 4.3%, record tourism and manufacturing orders at the highest since 1988. 

Stop trying to replay Project Fear which forecast World War III and economic Armageddon after the Brexit vote.

Let's just get on with what the people of Britain voted for – Leave the EU, the Single Market and the EU's Customs Union. implement the democratic vote in full and as soon as possible."

Neil Hamilton AM, Group Leader on the Welsh Assembly added,

“These are the same Whitehall mandarins who have comprehensively got economic projections wrong three months ahead, let alone 15 years. I’d rather rely on Mystic Meg than yet another propaganda exercise by diehard Remainers.” 

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