Another ‘Cast Iron guarantee’ Mr Cameron?

Published Apr 24, 2015

StevenWoolfe.jpeg“Cameron’s latest plea on immigration is the most disingenuous yet from a rattled Tory leader. With UKIP’s poll ratings back on the rise and the election only two weeks away to claim that the Tories can be trusted on immigration after 5 years of abject failure is taking the electorate for fools, and they are not fools” said Steven Woolfe MEP the UKIP Migration Spokesman.

“Instead of the 10’s of thousands that Cameron promised to restrict net immigration to we have seen over half a million net in the past two years alone, 210,000 in 2013, 298,000 in 2014.

“Cameron has failed and failed again, and yet he has the brass neck to think that people will believe him that he has a grip. The only thing he has a hold onto is the fantasy that he can do anything significant to control our borders.

"What is worse, because of our membership of the European Union, and with it a complete inability to control the numbers coming from the EU, the only way that he can try to deal with the immigration problem is to exacerbate what is essentially a European only policy.

"UKIP are clear that we will treat everybody equally, no matter what nationality, creed, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. We treat people as people, pure and simple. We will institute an Australian style points based system, in order to ensure that we decide the quality and the quantity of those we allow to come here. We will institute a 5 year moratorium on non-skilled migration which will cut at least 150,000 per annum. This of course will relax the pressure on local services, primary education, housing, health care and the downward pressure on wages.

"But is only by leaving the EU that we can do this, it is only by taking control of our democracy that we can control our borders. And is only by rejecting the bald dishonesty of the Conservatives and Labour that any such thing will happen", said Mr Woolfe.

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