Another EU failure by Cameron government: deal to deport thousands of European criminals proves worthless


Diane_James.jpgDiane James MEP, UKIP's Justice and Home Affairs spokesman, today said that the government's failure to ensure that the EU enforces the agreement on returning EU criminals to prisons in their home countries is yet more evidence of the failure of British influence in Brussels.

"This agreement, which would allow the UK to shift thousands of EU criminals out of British prisons and back to their own countries, was agreed in 2008. It was supposed to be made law in all member states by December 2011. Now we learn that the government has let the European Commission off the hook on enforcement in nine member states."

"When the UK fails to implement EU law, the commission takes it to the European Court of Justice to face infringement procedures. But when nine member states fail to meet their obligations to implement this agreement, which would save Britain hundreds of millions of pounds in prison costs, our government sits by powerless as the commission does nothing to force compliance with EU law in Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania and half a dozen other member states."

"The government's failure to push for enforcement of this EU agreement has left the deal worthless. This is more proof of the way the EU is free to dismiss British national concerns." 

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