Another week, another company that has gone under and more jobs lost

Published Oct 02, 2015

Jonathan-Arnott-photo-682x1024.jpgIn response to the news that SSI UK has gone into liquidation Jonathan Arnott, Redcar’s local UKIP Euro-MP, said: "The SSI plant in Redcar has been an integral part of the local community for many, many years. Not only will these 1,700 jobs now be lost with all the uncertainty that redundancy creates, there will be a secondary impact on many other local companies associated with the steel industry.

"Redcar already has a high level of unemployment, so the impact upon the local community cannot be overestimated. I am deeply disappointed that our government did not fight harder to keep SSI open - and in the part played by EU state aid rules and British energy policy. Whilst I welcome the £80 million government package to help redundant workers, could that money not have been better spent to keep the plant open in the first place?

"The tragic part is that the plant could have been profitable in the long term; raw materials will not always be so expensive, the pound will not always be so strong and Chinese dumping is not permanent so steel prices will rise. My thoughts turn now to the future; is it still possible that it be mothballed in such a way that the door is left ajar for re-opening this plant - probably under new ownership - when economic conditions change?"

UKIP employment spokeswoman Jane Collins said she was "devastated" to hear that the company had gone under, confirming the loss of 1700 in the region.

"Another week, another company that has gone under and more jobs lost. This goes to show that being ruled by the EU and their 'green' policies not only destroys businesses but destroys people's lives in this country by taking away their livelihood.

"The unions and Labour were calling for the government to intervene but they know all too well that rules on state aid are controlled by Brussels.

"The impact of our EU membership stretches far and wide and with Labour determined to pretend that it's beneficial for us to be members means that UKIP will continue to be the real opposition in the North of England."

Cllr Steve Turner (UKIP Councillor for Longbeck Ward on Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council) said: “I suppose today’s liquidation announcement was pretty much inevitable and whilst I applaud those involved in securing the aid package from the government it will only really help those directly affected and not the wider impacted businesses and communities.

"What we need now is a concerted effort to encourage everyone in the region to support local business with their custom.

"Let’s choose Country Kitchen instead of Costa in Guisborough, Rubber Duck bathrooms in Redcar instead of B&Q, Millers instead of Tesco for fruit, local independent stores over national chains.

"The pride and passion that built our industrial heritage can never be taken away from us and I for one firmly believe we can tap into it and build something that future generations can look back on and say we did them proud.

"I love my town, I love the area it’s part of and I certainly won’t lie down and let it die because a multinational company failed with an ambitious plan in a badly skewed world market.”

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