Any Government plan to maintain free movement of EU labour would be a betrayal of the people’s will, says UKIP. UK government could not be 'mad enough' to do it.

Published Aug 17, 2017

"The Government's confirmation that there will be no physical border controls at the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland – which we welcome – does not mean that the UK should maintain any of the current free movement rules with the entire European Union", said John Bickley, the UKIP spokesman on immigration, particularly in regard to the free movement of labour, which the British people decisively rejected last year.

"The Conservatives must not think that they can economise on border control They must stop the gradual co-option of private individuals, employers and landlords as unpaid border guards, a job they are being asked to do on pain of legal punishment. It is not the job of a businessman or woman to police our borders, it is the job of the Government.

"The CTA (Common Travel Area) agreement between the UK and the Republic of Ireland is a long standing agreement about the free movement of people which long pre-dates both countries' membership of the European Union, and UKIP sees no reason why that should change going forward. However, just because we have that agreement with the Republic of Ireland does not mean that we have to accept other EU citizens in the same way, especially given the EU's porous external borders and open door to millions of economic migrants.

"It is essential that the Government takes practical steps to strengthen our border control regime, including a major increase of staffing for the Border Agency and upgrading of systems, ready for the new post Brexit existence. UKIP have long been calling for the recruitment of 4,000 new Border Agency staff and the Government needs to get on with it; failure to do so would clearly show that it has no intention of taking the EU Referendum result seriously.

"If there was anything that was absolutely apparent from the EU Referendum it was that the people of this country want the Government to get a grip on immigration. The Government would have to be mad to go against the people on this".

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