Argentina hailing Corbyn as their hero must be worrying to the people of the Falklands

Published Sep 16, 2015

maxresdefault.jpgUKIP Defence spokesman Mike Hookem has called for Jeremy Corbyn to “confirm his commitment to the Falkland Islanders” following his election to the leadership of the Labour Party.

The MEP and former Commando engineer was commenting after Argentina’s Ambassador to the UK claimed that Mr Corbyn was “one of us” and his election was “without doubt” a “change of winds” in the UK over sovereignty of the Islands.

“In March 2013 the Falkland Islands held a referendum where 99.8 per cent of people voted to remain under British rule,” Mr Hookem said.

“In light of previous comments made over the future of the Islands by the new Leader of the Opposition I think it is only right that he sets out his stance - and that of Labour - over the support which the UK will give to the Falkland Islanders.

“The United Nations charter gives the Islanders the right to self determination, which they have made loud and clear.

“As British Overseas Territory the Falkland Islands rely on the United Kingdom for Defence and Foreign Affairs policy and support. They need to know where they stand.

“In contrast, Argentina does not even recognise the Falkland Islands as a partner in negotiations and dismisses the views of these people, who are primarily of British descent, out of hand.

“I do not think it is too much to ask him whether he stands by his previous comments that attitudes in Britain are changing and what was achieved in Northern Ireland could happen in the Falkland Islands.”

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