Aylesbury's Tory MP bottles HS2 vote by arranging Estonian lecture - UKIP candidate Cllr Chris Adams calls for Ministers to put their constituents before their careers


Today's crucial vote in the House of Commons on High Speed 2 has been marked as a "crunch day" by UKIP Councillor and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Aylesbury, Chris Adams.

Cllr Chris Adams said: "This Monday is crunch day in the fight against HS2. Today the Commons is debating whether to say yes to wasting over £50 billion of taxpayers money on HS2.   But some MPs will be notable by their absence from the Chamber.  Ministers who represent route seats will have been planning their "urgent business" away from the very day that the hybrid bill debate was first scheduled.  This is shameful.  

"Is today really the occasion for example, for the MP for Aylesbury,  Europe Minister David Lidington MP to be giving a lecture on the "future of Europe" in Tallinn, Estonia?  

"After four long terrible years for blighted communities, people deserve better than this.  If Conservative Ministers really cannot bring themselves to represent their constituents by voting no to the HS2 hybrid bill for fear of losing their jobs, that is a terrible indictment of our democracy.  

"We hope that HS2 route Ministers will yet summon the courage to put constituency before career and vote against the government tonight, but we're not holding our breath."​

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