Banning newspaper rounds utter nonsense

Published Jan 28, 2016

PaulNuttall1.jpgA suggestion that school children should be banned from having a newspaper round is “utter nonsense”, says Paul Nuttall MEP.

The European Committee of Social Rights, which is part of the Council of Europe, wants children’s paper rounds outlawed as they believe it could harm their education.

“This is ridiculous utter nonsense and as their findings are not binding on us I trust that the UK will do the only sensible thing and ignore it,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP Deputy Leader.

“It is one of the few ways that teenage school children can legitimately make a couple of bob and the responsibility it carries imbues them with a sense of self-worth. Far from harming their education it teaches them the importance of punctuality and hard work.

“Teenagers aren’t known for their love of getting up early and having a morning paper round means that they have to do just that even on a dark winter day. It is good grounding for their future careers and also keeps them fit by riding their bike or walking.

“And like all interfering edicts, especially those emanating from European busybodies, if followed it would have implications both for the newspaper industry and newsagents’ shops.

“Both industries are struggling for survival in today’s changing world and if school children are not able to deliver the papers it is unlikely that anyone else would step into the breach,” said Mr Nuttall, Euro-MP for the North West.

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