Batten Slams Labour Leader in the European Parliament Over Issue of a Second EU Referendum

Published Apr 25, 2018

UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten, has slammed Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, Richard Corbett, after he raised the possibility of a second EU referendum, saying; “while another vote may be the great hope of the pro-European political elite; it will do nothing more than further polarise public opinion on the matter of Brexit.”

“We already had a democratic vote in 2016; with the majority of British people voting in favour of leaving the EU. Therefore, people like Mr Corbett should accept and respect the will of the British people and stop looking for every way possible to undermine the democratic result,” added Mr Batten.

Mr Batten’s comments were prompted after arch-Europhile and Labour Leader in the European Parliament, Richard Corbett MEP, said that a second referendum could be called if Theresa May failed to win MPs support for her EU withdrawal bill, causing what he called a ratification crisis; before saying there was a feeling that Brexit is 'not a done deal' is growing.

Speaking from Brussels, Mr Batten dismissed the idea, saying, “a second referendum would prove nothing!"

"Remainers may reject the Withdrawal Agreement because they don't want to leave, and Leavers may reject it because it may be so bad that it does not really achieve a proper Exit at all.  Such a referendum would tell us nothing.  The Referendum decisions to leave was achieved in the face of a ferocious campaign Project Fear and the result must be respected."

“To any politician who says the people of Britain want another referendum, I would suggest they get out of their Westminster and Brussels bubbles and speak to more people on the street. The British people are politically exhausted, and a second referendum would be nothing more than a massive waste of time and public money!”

“Other than a small group of remain supporters, there is no support for yet another national vote on the subject of the EU. Most people, whether they voted remain or to leave, simply want politicians to get on and get us out of the EU.”

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