BBC poll suggests 64% of Scots want immigration reduced


David_Coburn.jpgAlmost two-thirds of Scots think immigration should be reduced, a poll commissioned by the BBC has suggested. David Coburn, MEP for Scotland, has accused politicians north of the border of failing to address people's concerns about immigration.

He said attitudes in Scotland were only slightly different because of geography.

"England is on the front line, the south coast is on the front line, the east coast is on the frontline. Scotland is further away. Therefore it has not impacted quite as much yet, but the attitudes are just the same."

Mr Coburn added: "There is no real difference in attitudes between the Scots and English. The guy in the pebble-dash house in Birmingham has the same problems as the guy in the pebble-dash house in Glasgow.

"They have got the same problem with rates, with paying their bills, with the NHS."

"Even the Scottish National Party have recognised this when last year they copied UKIPs long standing policy of a "controlled points based system" for immigration in their "Scotland's Future" White Paper. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all."


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