Being in the EU means we cannot prioritise British citizens

Published Aug 11, 2015

10962187_10152998763366140_388491009_n.jpgDespite election promises to crack down on migrant benefits, the Government is having to admit it can only do so by applying the same rules to UK citizens.

Suzanne Evans, UKIP's Deputy Chairman said, "If this is the focus of Mr Cameron's negotiation strategy it appears that the white flag is being run up, before his ship has left the port. It is a simple fact of our membership of the EU that we cannot prioritise our own citizens in the benefit system."

"UKIP pointed this out when the Prime Minister made these promises in November. Anybody with a cursory understanding of EU law would know that. It rather asks questions about the honesty of the Government's election strategy", she said.

"It's simply wrong to even think of stripping 18-22 year olds of benefits when they've lived in Britain all their life; when their parents and grandparents and great grandparents have paid taxes; and when they desperately need financial support because they can't find work because mass migration has stuffed their chances of getting a job".

"Young people were clearly discriminated against in Osborne's last budget and this idea is another two fingers up to a generation that wants to work and wants to participate, but which has been firmly handcuffed by Cameron's blinkered and irresponsible commitment to the EU and its destructive policies."

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