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Speaking at the Movie Starr Cinema in Canvey Island, Essex, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage; accompanied by Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans and Jamie Huntman, PPC for Castle Point; outlined UKIP's vision for Britain.

In his speech Nigel Farage said that UKIP believes in Britain and believes Britain that is more than just a star on someone else’s flag. 

Watch the full speeches from Nigel Farage and Jamie Huntman here:

In his speech, Nigel Farage said that UKIP is a party of all corners of the United Kingdom and a party that has truly broken the class divide in politics. UKIP is from Birmingham to Hadrian's Wall the challengers to Labour, he added.

Nige Farage went onto say that UKIP believes in:

- A Britain which can govern itself.
- A Britain with an ethical immigration policy based on the Australian-style points system.
- A Britain that doesn’t weaponise the NHS, but makes it work for those who need it.
- A Britain that is more than just a star on someone else’s flag.
- A Britain that can trade freely with the world, honour our troops, work without a nanny state, stop propping up dictatorships through aid, and stop spending your money on white elephant projects like HS2.
- A Britain that has confidence, stands proud, projects a national identity based on our Judaeo-Christian heritage, and our tremendous natural resources.
- A Britain that is the fifth largest economy in the world, not because of our governments, but in spite of them.
- A Britain with room to grow, not based on debt, but on real, tangible assets: our fisheries, our gas supplies, infrastructure like Manston Airport, and the prospects of our youth and people who come here legally and integrate and become the best of British themselves.

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