Believing in Britain, believing in Britain’s women

Published Apr 09, 2015

believewomen.pngUKIP Home Affairs Spokesman Diane James and Deputy Party Chairman Suzanne Evans today launched a raft of policies which prove that UKIP has policies across its manifesto commitments that will have a positive impact on Women.

UKIP believes strongly that its policies are there for everybody, and does not focus on different interest groups, but of course some policies will have disproportionate effects on different groups in society.

Diane James said “It is a sad fact that the greatest killer of women in society is, according to the ONS, dementia and Alzheimer’s, so UKIPs commitment to £650mn extra funding over the term of the next Government into dementia research will help women disproportionately.

"We will maintain current maternity and paternity rights, we will ensure that increased funds are available to carers, again something that will disproportionately help women. We will also abolish the hated tampon tax. These are just some of a large number of policies that will help women, at home, and in the workplace and will help the country at large.”.

The policies that were outlined were:

· 3,000 more midwives and 20,000 more Nurses for the NHS
· £130 million per year more to research Dementia, the leading cause of death among women (5th for men)
· Remove VAT from sanitary products (cost £15m)
· Ensuring all pregnant women and mothers of all children under the age of 12 months have direct access to specialist mental health treatment (Postnatal depression is suffered by 1 in 10 women).

· We will be producing plans to reduce the cost of childcare and offer parents wider choice of providers
· Providing wrap-around childcare in the form of breakfast and after-school clubs for all school-age children.

· Full support for current maternity and paternity rights, as well as adoption leave.
· Taking the lowest-paid (often women choosing to work part-time) out of tax altogether
· A points-based immigration system ending excessive competition for minimum wage jobs, again mostly taken by women (59% ONS stats)
· Encouraging the 40% of women GPs who leave the profession before the age of 40 encouraged back into the surgery by allowing them to take time out from their five-year free tuition fee qualifying period to have families if they wish, and by not charging either women or men to pay for their own re-training on returning to the profession.

· Increase the transferrable tax allowance for married couples and civil partners to £1500 to benefit spouses who do not use all of their personal allowance either because they are at home looking after children, or work part-time and earn less than the threshold for income tax.
· More support for 6.5 million carers in UK, most of whom (58%) are women. They will get:
o Commitment to increasing Carers’ Allowance in line with inflation
o Commitment to keeping Carers’ Allowance at or above Jobseekers’ Allowance rate.

Women’s Rights:
· Require faith-based tribunals to inform attendees of their rights under UK law, including making it clear they cannot be forced to attend and that the rulings from such hearings are not legally binding, to protect women in ethnic minority communities who may not know their rights.
· A zero tolerance approach to cultural practices that are either illegal or which conflict with British values and customs, including forced marriages, female genital mutilation and honour killings. We will enforce the law and prosecute where necessary.

· Introduce a mandatory reporting requirement for known FGM cases for front-line professionals such as teachers, GPs, nurses and police.
· Include awareness of FGM to the schools’ PHSE curriculum and make FGM awareness a mandatory part of safeguarding training for teachers, school staff and governors
· Provide mandatory training for all midwives on FGM

· Decriminalise non-payment of TV License which disproportionately discriminates against women: some 69% 100,000 were fined for non-payment last year, and so women also most likely to be jailed

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