Believing in Britain’s Smaller Businesses


Margot_11_(1).jpgUKIP’s Small Business Spokesman, Margot Parker said, “At the start of last year, there were an estimated 5.2 million small businesses in the UK, together employing over 12 million people and with a combined turnover of £1.2 trillion, according to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

“These small businesses are the life-blood of Britain. They are a major contributor to turnover, employing 48% of the workforce and create 85% of all new jobs.

“Well, if you’re one of these people, if you’re working all the hours you can to build a business you’ve started; if you are a wealth creator and a generator of jobs, then UKIP is the party for you. Why? Because UKIP is the only party that will liberate you from the shackles that bind you; the only party that can give you your freedom back again.

“Fewer than one in ten British businesses trade with the EU, yet 100 per cent of them must comply with thousands of EU laws on employment, waste management, environmental regulations, product registration, health and safety, etc. This burden is destroying small businesses and helping destroy our economy.

“here’s more than £20 billion locked up in delayed late payments from bigger businesses to smaller suppliers of goods and services. It’s corporate bullying and it needs to stop.

“We want to make it much easier for start-ups and smaller businesses to secure financing. Offering easy access to business angels, Business Credit Unions, and promoting new financial options such as peer-to-peer lending and crowd-funding are part of the answer, but we’ll also press for a reform of the retail banking sector and require all banks, and especially those that were bailed out with public money, to simplify the lending process for smaller businesses and invest more in start-ups and small business expansion.

“UKIP has always pushed for lower taxation, and here, as always, we’ll put our money where our mouth is. We’ll bring forward proposals in our Manifesto to cut the burden of taxation on business, especially our smaller and medium sized businesses.

“It is UKIP policy to encourage local authorities to make life easier for businesses too, by providing cheaper – and ideally free parking in our high streets to encourage customers back into town. I’d like to see every local authority in the country give at least 30 minutes free parking in town centres, high streets and shopping parades.”

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