Blair has learned nothing and forgotten nothing

Published Mar 19, 2017

Paul.jpgPaul Nuttall, the UKIP leader has denounced Tony Blair over the former PM's attempt to overthrow the referendum result.

He said, "Blair has demonstrated his arrogant belief that he and his supporters have special access to knowledge again. It was this mistaken belief that took the country into illegal war, maybe he should have learned his lesson.

"I should be grateful though, every time Blair turns up on our screens or in our papers he reminds people of the reasons that they voted to free the country from the grip of people like him.

"As Brexit comes to be a reality we will see the advantages of our decision. We will no longer be expecting, as Blair did and amazingly still does, the creation of a mythological 'reformed EU', a prospect as likely as finding Atlantis off the mouth of Medway.

"Blair was wrong then, he is wrong now and from what he is saying plans to remain wrong for the foreseeable future. Like an old tired aristocrat, he has learned nothing from the Referendum, yet forgotten nothing from his years of pomp."

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